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As a product of immigrant parents, school grades were utterly important growing up. Even in my elementary years, you would see me slaving away, living up to my LITERAL ‘brownnose’ status. But one mark I was never able to master was the SELF CONTROL column.


Because I was always Miss Chatterbox in the classroom… quickly learning that people and their stories are too interesting to pass up!

My outgoing personality only grew in high school. Through sports and student leadership I learned the value of teamwork. These avenues helped me realize my passions: meeting new people, public speaking and traveling.

Taking these strengths into consideration, I knew I was destined to be a journalist.


Born and raised in Regina, I decided to stay home and apply to the prestigious School of Journalism at the University of Regina. To my delight, I was accepted in Fall 2008.

My family is my support system. My parents immigrated from India and Malaysia over 25 years ago to further their education here in Canada. They have always encouraged their kids to think of others, work hard and to never settle.

I am the middle child with an older brother to warn off the boys and a younger sister who is as smart as she is beautiful. My parents have ignited the travel bug in each of us – as all three children want to pursue international careers.


I’ve had the unique privilege of traveling to almost all provinces and states across North America. I’ve also been to Iraq, Jordan, France, Cuba, Haiti, Australia, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Rwanda, Uganda, England, and Hong Kong. My love for languages has stemmed out of these excursions. Besides the typical tourist and historic spots, my parents have purposely exposed us to extreme poverty and injustice — making us aware of the less-fortunate in countries around the globe.

I hope my future journalistic pursuits will revolve around these people and their often unheard stories.

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