Molly Thomas

Published on November 5, 2009 at 12:07 am  Comments (12)  

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  1. I just think Molly Thomas is doing such a great job. Keep up the good work! I hope that this beautiful girl goes far because my family watches her every night and we think she is great.

  2. Hey Molly …just checking out your stories and (no surprise)you rock girl!! Nice stuff and it looks like you’ve there a long time. You’ve got the goods and background on all your reports, which is very impressive considering that you’ve only been there a short while. Your research and reporting is super ….excellent!

  3. hi i hope my post got thru to you?

    manou co-translated The Monument, which is touring to toronto april 2011.

  5. you really impress me Molly, RTV is blessed to have you now. keep it up. peace

  6. you really impress me Molly, RTV is blessed to have you now.

  7. Hi Molly, i believe you have got amazing talents and gifts that the world out here needs.
    Have you thought about starting your own school of journalism, say maybe training kids down here about how to better their presentation skills on screen etc

    You want to think more along that line. Please get back to me if you need more enlightenment.

  8. Hey Molly,
    I just happened to go through your website.Really glad to see your passion into journalism and I hope and pray that you be a blessing to many around the globe.

  9. Hi Molly! How r u there? I am that person you interviewed on the street of Regina City in associating with the pension age increase from 65 to 67 n I am from Malaysia. Any chance of getting that interview clip? Please convey my regards to your Dad from a fellow Malaysian.

    Have a great day!
    Vancouver BC

    • Tarmizi!

      Nice to hear from you! I am sorry for my tardy response — I haven’t been on my blog for a while as my life has been full of changes the past few weeks. I just actually LEFT CBC last week and will now Co-Host the CTV Regina Morning Live show. Sorry I don’t have that OAS story on my website. However, I scoured the CBC archives, and it’s still there for a bit if you want to have it until then. You can find it at:

      Hope that helps, and my dad says hi back! He’s always excited to hear about a fellow Malaysian around Canada!



  10. Hi Molly!
    Thank you n I have it. Should you be around Vancouver do let me know we could meet up over Malaysian food.
    Take care.

  11. Hi Molly from your seatmate this morning!! What a delight meeting such a beautiful Prairie Girl with such life changing aspirations! I will endeavour to follow your career as it is on track for greatness!! You truly have such gifts and talents and I hope you are enjoing your visit with your Mother who I know is over the moon proud of you!! I had a wonderful afternoon catchup with my daughter and shared my seatmate story with her. Best of luck with all your adventures and I wish you luck and safe travel always!
    BLESSINGS…. from Patricia
    PS you are far too clever and talented to have settled for a Flight Attendant career (ooops that is my inside voice!)

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